Almost There…

We are almost there!

We are just a few monthly pledges away from reaching our necessary funding to depart the good ‘ole USA for our new home in Budapest, Hungary! 

Is God asking you to join our partnership team and get us one step closer to reaching the lost in Hungary? That’s great!  

Please click one of the buttons below and it will take you to our secure giving page. You can specify in the Comments block which need you are sponsoring and we’ll update this page to show that God has used you to meet that need. 

Köszönöm!  Thank you! 
The Kids

TCK Education 

    • Joshua and Jenna, our TCKs (Third Culture Kids), will be learning Hungarian culture, language, and local history on top of their regular studies!  They are excited and ready to soak it all in!  You can pledge to help support their world schooling and help them be an effective light for Jesus!
    • 4 pledges needed at $25/mo

Help our kids learn

Medical Insurance

  • Well, they say paprika and garlic are awesome for one’s health. 🙂  We are still required to have medical insurance to cover physicals and any international emergencies “just in case.”   Thankful that our organization makes sure we’re covered on so many levels!  
  • 7 pledges needed at $100/mo
  • 5 pledges needed at $50/mo  

Help cover healthcare costs

Paprika hung in a Hungarian Market Place
Trams Lined Up In Budapest


  • Budapest is connected well with public transportation, which we’ll take advantage of to save on fuel as much as possible.  Additionally, we’ll need a used vehicle to serve in local ministries.  Thank you for helping us get where we need to GO for Jesus – literally!
  • 3 pledges needed at $100/mo
  • 3 pledges needed at $50/mo 
  • 3 pledges needed at $25/mo

Help us get around

Hungarian Language Study

    • With 44 letters to the modern Hungarian alphabet, we are looking forward to acquiring this unique language and joining the 13 million speakers worldwide!  Thank you for helping us be equipped to effectively share the Gospel in the heart language of the Magyar people! Köszönöm!
    • 1 pledge needed at $50/mo 
    • 1 pledge needed at $25/mo 

Help us learn the Magyar language

Hungarian Traffic Sign